Creative Core Art Classes

Art Start (pre-k)

is designed specifically for the beginning artist. 3-5 year olds will START developing their CREATIVE CORE with hands-on projects in watercolors, pastels, clay, collage and more.  Budding artists
explore self-expression in a nurturing, creative environment.


Classes meet one hour, once a week

Tuition per month: $80

Materials (Sept-April): $100



Art Spark (k)

is especially planned for Kindergartners ready to experiment with a wide variety of art media. We will learn to use color, shape, texture and line as the basic elements of art making; activities will also include three-dimensional work in clay and other materials. Students explore many ways to SPARK their creativity.


Classes meet one hour, once a week

Tuition per month: $80

Materials (Sept-April): $115


Art Smart (grades 1-5)

is a program for Elementary aged students. Young artists will explore a mix of techniques including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and more. The elements and principles of design are at the CORE of the curriculum, but the focus is on the joy of creating. Each student will make (or receive) a sketchbook to use and most class times will include an exercise to strengthen drawing skills. SMART artists sharpen their skills, explore techniques and have fun!


Classes meet one hour & 30 minutes,
once a week

Tuition per month: $95

Materials (Sept-April): $125


Art Club (grades 6-8)

 is an open studio for Middle Schoolers.

It's more like an independent study, not

a project based class. Each student works on their individual art, improving their skills, having fun with practice and process.


Art Club meets one hour & 15 minutes, once a week

Tuition/month (regular attendance): $70

Drop in fee (occasional attendance): $20

AFTER SCHOOL (September ~April)

Registration begins
end of July



General Information:


Students can register/enter any time throughout the school year
(* IF *  there is space available).

Tuition is paid monthly; there is an additional, one-time materials fee.

* Classes take place during the week.  (No weekends)
* Class is limited to 6 students to ensure a quality learning experience.  
* Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.


June & July
(no classes in August)


General Information:

Each class meets Monday through Friday,

2 hours each day. 


Morning classes for kids ages 4-8

Afternoon classes for kids ages 9-11.

Mosaics Workshop for kids ages 7-12.


Class size is limited to 6 students maximum.


Tuition varies per class. 

All materials and supplies are included. 


Creative Core

Art Classes for Kids